General Thai Massage

General Thai Massage

General Thai Massage Course - 30 Hours

Teaching the art of massage, starting from the basics, etiquette, hand laying, alignment, positioning and line massage.

The cautious and contraindications to massage. For Patient's security, they will get treatment. Eliminatefatigue and loosen the tight lines. Pull the slack line into place.Relax stressing out and prepare the body to be complete to work or exercise.

The students will learn how to massage for health and relieve stressing out correctly in the traditional way of Wat Pho, which is recognized as the traditional Thai massage model. Divided into 2 parts as follows.

Practical session

Introduction to Thai Traditional Medicine and Thai Massage

Precaution and Prohibition of Thai Massage

Masseur/Masseuse posture

Massage position, technique, step and procedure

Welcome and give advise to customers

Course starting: Everyday

Course duration: 5 days 

Class hours:09.00- 12.00 and 13.00-16.00

Registration fees: 13,500 Baht

Method of payment:Cash, credit card (Visa and Master card) or money transfer.

Required documents:A photocopy of passport and 2 inch of 3 photographs.

Location: WatPo TTM (Tha-Tien)  Tel : 02-622-3551, 02-622-3533

                Chetawan TTM (Chaeng Wattana) Tel :  02-962-7338

                Chetawan Health School(Salaya)  Tel : 034-300-560

                Chetawan TTM (Chiang Mai)  Tel : 053-410-360


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General Thai Massage

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