Basic Body Treatment

Basic Body Treatments - 24 Hours

It teaches how to perform the body scrub, body wrap, body nourishing, body wax as well as combining with Thai wisdom in Thai herbal steaming and compression.

Course starting :
Every the fourth of Monday of the month at Chetawan TTM (Chaeng Wattana). For Chetawan Health School(Salaya) begin every the first of Monday of the month.

Course duration: 4 days (Monday-Saturday)

Class hours: 09.00 – 16.00

Registration fees : 11,500 Baht

Method of payment: Cash, credit card (Visa and Master card) or money transfer.

Required documents: A photocopy of passport and 2 inch of 3 photographs.

Locations : Chetawan TTM (Chaeng Wattana) Tel :  02-962-7338 (Monday 4th of the month)

                : Chetawan Health School(Salaya)  Tel : 034-365-001 (Monday 1st of the month)

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Basic Body Treatment

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